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Hose Bibs

Hose Bibs

What is a hose bib?

A hose bib, also known as a water spigot, is a small faucet located on the exterior wall of your home used to supply water to the outside by connecting a hose for things such as gardening, sprinklers, filling pools, and much more. Another type would be an “out-of-ground” hose bib or buried hydrant; these use a waterline that has been piped underground to a desired location of your yard, most commonly to a garden, that stands around 2 feet up out of the ground and the faucet is on the end/top for ease of use to an area.

Do you repair or install hose bibs?

Yes! In many cases we can replace one before it causes a bigger issue such as water flooding the inside of your home. If you are experiencing issues turning your hose bib on or off, no water flow, low pressure, or a noticeable water spot on the inside of your home opposite of its location on the outside these are all possible signs that you may need a repair or possible replacement. We offer many different types including frost proof faucets

ABC Plumbing can also help you place your winter faucet coverings on and supply them if you do not have them on hand. Please note that for your out-of-ground faucets we can re-insulate or install new insulation to protect not only against weather conditions but the integrity of exposed piping.

Is there maintenance?

Since they are located outside of the home, they are exposed to the elements 365 days a year, so maintenance to your hose bib is important! Especially when colder weather is in the forecast, such as the 2021 Texas freeze, you will want to make sure your hoses and attachments are disconnected, covers are in place and you’ve had yours inspected before temperatures drop.  

Don’t hesitate to call ABC Plumbing for even a lightly dripping hose bib before it becomes a bigger problem. We do FREE onsite estimates if you would like for us to come by and inspect your hose bibs!

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