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Hose Bibs

Hose Bibs | ABC Plumbing
Hose Bibs | ABC Plumbing

What Is A Hose Bib?

A hose bib, also known as a hose spigot, hose bibb, hose bibs, or outdoor water faucet, is a valve located on the exterior of a building that allows for the attachment of a hose. It provides access to water for various outdoor tasks such as watering plants, washing cars, or cleaning outdoor surfaces. Typically, hose bibs are connected to the building’s plumbing system and have a threaded outlet where a hose can be screwed on securely. They often have a handle that can be turned to control the flow of water.

Different Styles of Hose Bibs:

When in need of hose bib installation, Texas homeowners might be overwhelmed by all the types and sizes available. It helps to know that the two standard sizes are 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch in diameter. The one you need will depend on the size of your water supply line (Potable Water Line). Smaller sizes often tend to have stronger pressure. In terms of types, many serve the same function, but some are more optimized or flexible than others. Some popular types of outdoor faucets include:

  • No-Kink: This one has a 60-degree angle hose spout that prevents your garden hose from pinching. (Note: If you need it to spray at a higher speed, it’s worth purchasing a garden hose with different settings.)
  • Ball Valve: A standard ball valve helps maximize flow and offers a tight seal when not in use. It’s important to note that it only controls the flow, not the pressure. (More typical in newer homes.)
  • Gate Valve: This offers similar functions to a ball valve, but it’s a bit outdated and more commonly found in older homes.
  • Loose Key: This comes with a detachable 1/4 square key that allows you to control who uses your water.
  • Frost-Free: This type is designed with an opening and closing valve that specifically stops water from sitting in the pipe when not in use.
  • Yard Hydrants: Unlike the other types of faucets, yard hydrants are connected to an underground water supply. These are often used in irrigation systems or for garden areas far from the home.

How Do I Know If I Need To Repair or Replace A Hose Bib?

If you notice any of these signs listed below, call ABC Plumbing to have a professional plumber inspect your hose bib to determine if repair or replacement is necessary. Ignoring issues with your hose bib can lead to water waste, property damage, and increased repair costs over time.

  1. Leaks: If your hose bib is leaking around the valve stem, from the handle, or where it connects to the water supply line, it might be time for a replacement. Persistent leaks can lead to water damage and increased water bills.
  2. Corrosion: If you notice rust or corrosion on the hose bib, particularly around the valve or where it connects to the water supply line, it’s a sign of deterioration. Corrosion weakens the structure and can lead to leaks.
  3. Difficulty Shutting Off: If you have trouble turning the handle to shut off the water completely, or if the valve doesn’t fully stop the flow of water, it could indicate internal damage or wear and tear.
  4. Low Water Pressure: A hose bib that consistently delivers low water pressure, despite adequate water flow from other fixtures, might indicate a blockage or damage within the hose bib itself.
  5. Cracks or Damage: Visible cracks, chips, or other physical damage to the hose bib can compromise its integrity and effectiveness.
  6. Old Age: If your hose bib is old and showing signs of wear and tear, it might be more prone to failure. Older models might lack modern features such as frost-free technology.

Does ABC Plumbing Repair Or Install Hose Bibs?

Yes and yes! If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, give us a call! We offer many different types including the most popular for Tarrant County customers – frost proof faucets to help protect us in the event of a Texas freeze

ABC Plumbing can also help you place your winter faucet coverings on and supply them if you do not have them on hand. Please note that for your out-of-ground faucets we can re-insulate or install new insulation to protect not only against weather conditions but the integrity of exposed piping.

Is There Maintenance That Should Be Performed On Hose Bibs?

Since they are located outside of the home, they are exposed to the elements 365 days a year, so maintenance to your hose bib is important! Especially when colder weather is in the forecast, such as a major freeze, you will want to make sure your hoses and attachments are disconnected, covers are in place and you’ve had yours inspected before temperatures drop.  

Don’t hesitate to call ABC Plumbing for even a lightly dripping hose bib before it becomes a bigger problem. We do FREE onsite estimates if you would like for us to come by and inspect your hose bibs!

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