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Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. You’re starting a new chapter in your life and have plenty of decorating plans and renovations in mind. But before you jump into the fun stuff, it’s important to make sure that all your home’s major systems are in working order – particularly the plumbing. Here we will discuss some common plumbing obstacles that new homeowners should be aware of.

Clogged Drains & Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems faced by new homeowners is clogged drains and pipes. Clogs can be caused by food particles, grease, hair, and other materials getting caught in the drain or sewer system. Clogs can lead to water damage and costly repairs if not taken care of quickly. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure you are conscious of what you put down your drains and ensure any debris is disposed of properly – never pour grease or oil down the drain! Additionally, it may be worth investing in a few inexpensive mesh strainers for your sink drains; these will help catch larger pieces of debris before they get stuck further down the line.

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Leaky Faucets & Pipes

Another issue new homeowners may encounter with their plumbing are leaky faucets or drain pipes servicing any fixture within a home. A variety of factors, including age, weather conditions, or poor installation workmanship, can cause leaks.

If you notice any dripping coming from your faucets or pipes, it’s best to contact a plumber immediately; leaks are annoying and can cause significant water damage if left unchecked for too long. Additionally, consider replacing any older fixtures as soon as possible; many companies now offer water-saving versions that will help reduce your monthly water bill while still providing superior performance.

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Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Understanding your home’s plumbing system is key for keeping things running smoothly without any major hiccups! From leaky faucets and toilets to water heater issues and clogged drains, staying ahead of potential problems will help keep expensive repairs at bay while ensuring that everything runs smoothly in your new home! 

Be sure to contact ABC plumbing when necessary so we can help diagnose and resolve any more serious problems that may arise over time. This will help ensure that you stay on top of any maintenance required throughout the years!

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