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Repiping FAQs

By August 15, 2018February 4th, 2021No Comments

Repiping FAQs From Our Clients

At ABC Plumbing we know that repiping can bring up a lot of questions and concerns. Here are some of the top questions we’ve heard from our clients. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 817-427-3222.

Why ABC Plumbing?

As a full service plumbing company, you can rely on us to handle all of your plumbing needs. With our company, you’ll always get 5-star service with 2-star prices. In business since the early 1990s, our company is fully licensed and insured. All of our plumbers drive company vehicles, and we will treat your home as if it is our own. Get the quality service you deserve from our company.

What is a repipe?

A repipe is when new hot and cold water pipes are installed inside your home to replace the existing copper or galvanized pipes already there.  This would be for incoming water only.

Why not just fix the leak, why repipe the whole house?

When copper and galvanized pipes begin to fail and leak, history tells us that there will be more leaks in the coming months or years. Finding and repairing each leak will be very costly, much more expensive than the cost of a repipe and more likely to cause damage to your home.  A repipe is the most efficient solution.

Are repipes very expensive?

No. Repiping Specialists – ABC Plumbing specializes in repiping homes. Our large crews are trained to repipe most homes in 1 to 2 days. Because this is our specialty and our main focus, our prices are very fair and reasonable.  We will provide you with a FREE estimate in your home, and explain exactly what will take place.

Will we have to leave our homes during a repipe?

Only if you want to. A repipe is construction, so there will be a lot of activity. But not every room will be worked in. You can stay at home or take the opportunity to do some errands or visit a friend. By the end of the first day, there will be water available in at least one bathroom for you to use overnight.

How long does a repipe take?

A typical repipe is broken down into three parts. The repiping part will take 1 to 2 days depending on the size of your home. After we get a permit from the city to do the work, there will be a city inspection, this is part two. Part three is the patching of all drywall holes made to install the new piping in your home.

Overall expect 3 to 5 days total, again, depending on the size of your home. Our estimator will provide you with more details during your free estimate.

What options do we have when it comes to the type of plumbing materials being used?

Repiping Specialists – ABC Plumbing uses only USA made, Type L copper and Uponor brand PEX-a plastic tubing. We use these high quality and dependable materials to ensure that this repipe will be your last.

Both of these materials provide an excellent result.  Some homeowners are more comfortable with copper, while others prefer the advantages that PEX can provide. They are both backed by our warranty. Our estimator can provide more details during your free estimate.

How long will my water be turned off?

The water typically gets turned off around 9:00 am on the first day of the repipe and will go back on at the end of the day.  In many cases you’ll have full use of water at the end of the day. If the repipe goes into a second day, you and your family will have access to at least one bathroom overnight.

What size piping is used during a repipe?

This will vary depending on the size of the home and the number of fixtures (sinks, toilets, showers) inside it. The average repipe will include 1 inch, ¾ inch and ½ piping, installed according to the Uniform Plumbing Codes.

Does a standard repipe also include all the drain pipes running from the toilet and showers?

No, these are two separate and distinct systems in your home. A standard repipe that most companies promote, affects the hot and cold water system in your home. The drains or waste system would be handled separately. ABC Plumbing however, can provide you with both. During our free estimate, let the estimator know that you have some concerns about your waste system and he’ll be able to provide you with some options.

Why does a repipe for a slab home cost more than one with a raised foundation?

A raised foundation home (with a crawl space underneath) gives our plumbers greater access. Thus it is easier to run piping from one location to another, without opening many holes.  A slab foundation home, especially one with two stories, often requires that we open more holes in order to run the new piping. This requires more patching and labor, which directly impacts the cost of the repipe.