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Tankless Water Heater

ABC Plumbing can provide and install gas or propane fueled tankless water heaters for your home. They are a great addition to any household for a multitude of reasons! If you already have a unit installed we also perform diagnostics and make needed repairs to your existing unit.

What is a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater is just as it sounds. It is a compact unit that heats water as needed as it flows through the device. This means there is no bulky storage tank holding water in your home.

Benefits of a tankless water heater

  • Energy Efficient- operating costs for a tankless heater are up to 40% less than a tank-style heater since they only consume energy when in use
  • Endless supply of hot water
  • Space saver- since there is no tank, your tankless unit will take up a fraction of the space
  • Longer life span- roughly 20 years on average, versus 10-12 years on tank style water heaters

Did you know that to extend the life of your water heater there’s yearly maintenance?

It is highly recommended by the manufacturers that tankless units be flushed, also known as cleaned, once a year in order to optimize performance. Flushing sediment build-up is not only vital to its performance but for longevity and maintaining its proper function. Don’t forget to schedule your tankless flush annually!

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