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Hydrostatic Test

What is a Hydrostatic test and why would I need one?

  • Hydrostatic testing is the most effective method in determining if you have any leaks on your sewer system.
  • Hydrostatic testing is a common requirement when it comes to foundation repairs.
  • A constant need for drain cleaning is often a prerequisite for a hydrostatic test. If the test fails, that means there is a break somewhere on your system and a camera inspection is likely the next step. 
  • For peace of mind that your sanitary drain lines are in good working condition.

How do you perform a Hydrostatic Test?

  • The sewer system is put on test using water to gauge whether or not the system is in good standing. A test ball is inserted into the cleanouts, placing the system under pressure. If the water level drops, it is deemed that the system has a failure meaning there is a possible break or separation of some kind. 
  • It is important to note that there must be cleanout(s) on your property for this test to be performed.

What is the difference between a hydrostatic test and a pressure test?

  • A hydrostatic test is used to test the integrity of your sewer system
  • A pressure test is used to test the integrity of your potable water system

So, whether you have active issues with your sewer system, or would simply like to ensure that it is functioning properly, call ABC Plumbing to schedule your appointment!

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