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Water Pressure Test

What is a Water Pressure Test?

A Water Pressure Test is performed by one of our licensed plumbers on your potable water system (incoming clean water) to determine the possibility of a leak on the piping system, or the incoming pressure is too high for the home. ABC Plumbing uses this test to ensure the integrity of newly installed or repaired water lines, valves and hydrants upon completion of our work. 

How do I know if I need a Water Pressure Test?

  • If your meter is running even when you have all appliances and fixtures off in your home.
  • Water pooling in your yard or possibly even water running through your yard.
  • Your water company sends you a notice.
  • When you turn on a fixture, such as your kitchen or bathroom faucet, and the water comes out really fast, forceful, slow or possibly not at all.
  • Recent repairs on your incoming water piping system.

What is the difference between a Hydrostatic Test and a Water Pressure Test?

A Water Pressure Test is used to assess the integrity of your potable water system and a Hydrostatic Test is used to assess the integrity of your sewer system. 

Sometimes the signs for a Water Pressure Test and a Hydrostatic Test can present themselves the same such as pooling water in your yard. Check out our information on Hydrostatic Testing and contact us to determine which one may be best for your home.

How do you perform a Water Pressure Test?

  • Incoming water to the home is shut off at the meter as well as all fixtures and appliances need to be in the off position. 
  • A water pressure gauge is connected to a hose bib and the PSI is noted.
  • Incoming water is then turned on.
  • PSI on the water gauge is observed, typically for 15 minutes, for any fluctuations.
  • If the PSI stays the same this means there is no leak, if the PSI raises that means the pressure could be too high and a pressure reducing valve is needed, or more commonly found when the PSI drops there is a leak.

Upon completion of the test results our technician will then provide a FREE estimate for any repairs that may be needed. Contact ABC Plumbing today to schedule!

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