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Slab Leak Specialists

Slab Leak Specialists

If you're in need of slab leak services,

trust the team at ABC Plumbing to get the job done quickly and efficiently. As an established slab leak company in Tarrant County and surrounding areas, we can have your slab leak fixed before you know it.

Leave the messy work to us

Slab leaks are not pleasant. These water and sewer leaks take place underneath concrete slabs, hence their naming. They can be extremely hazardous to properties. This is because they can make foundations weak and therefore cause severe structural harm. If you want to keep your property’s structure in good condition, you should never ever ignore signs of slab leaks. These leaks can mean serious business. A variety of factors can trigger these leaks. The presence of clay is just one. If there’s any clay under your structure’s foundation, it can apply significant pressure and bring on movement and even cracking. These things, of course, can cause extensive foundation troubles.

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