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Slab Leak Specialists

Slab Leak Specialists

Nearly all homes built in the Tarrant County area are built with a slab foundation due to the ground consisting mostly of clay and rocks, making it unstable. Slab foundations can help reduce the risk of structural damage or movement of a home, however they do not eliminate them entirely. Over time, they can cause a headache of problems in your plumbing system, such as slab leaks.

What is a slab leak?

Any leak from a pipe that occurs beneath the concrete foundation of your home breaks.

Warning signs you may have a slab leak:

  • High water bill
  • Wet ground outside around the foundation on your home
  • You hear water running under your floors
  • Wet or warm spot(s) on the floor of your home
  • Floor and/or floorboards warping
  • Cracks in walls
  • Inconsistent or low water pressure from one or more fixtures
  • Excessive use of water heater – running all the time
  • Smell of mold, mildew or general mustiness

What are the most common causes of slab leaks?

  • Foundation repairs, general ground shifting or movement of the home’s slab can not only break your potable water lines but also your sewer system pipes.
  • Poor construction by a builder or service company not following the plumbing codes and guidelines outlined by the state of Texas.
  • Damage or deterioration due to extreme weather conditions or simply age. 
  • High water pressure in your potable water lines cause them to be under stress by constant expansion which can also cause problems with faucets as well.
  • Tree root intrusion – trees love water so they will naturally grow towards them.
  • Scale build-up, mineral deposits, corrosion or rust in pipes.

What methods are used to detect a leak?

Besides the obvious visual inspection there are a variety of methods ABC Plumbing uses to locate a leak for you. Every leak can present itself differently than the next so while we may use one method, it’s not uncommon to use more than one for accurate locating. 

  • Meter testing is one of our first tests to run as it allows us to determine if the leak is on the city’s side or the homeowner’s property. Additionally if a courtesy valve has been installed on the property at this point we can also utilize it to isolate the potential leak to the yard or within the home.
  • Pressure testing is a simple and highly effective method.
  • Thermal imaging to identify increased temperatures caused by hot water leaks.
  • Acoustic leak detection – a special type of equipment that allows us to detect sounds of water within structures. 

To eliminate or confirm if the sewer system is in proper working order our licensed professional may also conduct a Camera Inspection or possibly a Hydrostatic Test.

What is the process for slab leak repairs?

ABC Plumbing professionals consider several options and ways to approach repairs when it comes to slab leaks. The one we choose depends on the severity of the leak first with pipe conditions and of course with our customer in mind. Our first step in the process is locating the leak of course. After we locate the leak, our licensed technician will write up an estimate for the needed repairs. 

Typically, we have two routes to take in order to access and repair the break. We can penetrate the slab from the interior of the home, or we can tunnel under the foundation from the exterior of the home, if you would like to avoid damage to your interior flooring. In some cases we can even reroute the piping system an entirely different way in the home.

Upon completion of work, we will test the system to ensure that no other leaks are present, then backfill all material and repour concrete if applicable. ABC Plumbing strictly follows all code regulations and guidelines enforced by The State of Texas to ensure our customers do not have any more problems in the future and the job is done right.

A slab leak can be a severe plumbing issue that can lead to damage to your home if not located and repaired properly in a timely manner. Over time, water from slab leaks can damage your floors, aid in the growth of mold, and create serious foundation problems. We have great relationships with local restoration companies who can aid in the event that there is flooding or mold present as well as they can work directly with your insurance company if you choose to make a claim as well. 

ABC Plumbing recommends annual plumbing inspections and “tune-ups” to help prevent or find any potential problems that could lead to bigger problems. When it comes to slab leaks they can be detected early on before they cause serious damage such as your home flooding, so if you think you have a slab leak or have not had a licensed professional inspect your plumbing lately, call us immediately. ABC Plumbing provides free estimates as well!


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