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A broken or clogged sewer line isn’t just a lousy situation, it can also be a detriment to you and your family’s health, and your yards. A healthy and safe plumbing system is dependent on a sewer line that’s in good condition. Over the years, it’s common to require sewer line service to repair or even replace portions of the line. Attempting to repair the issue yourself can have serious health risks and potentially cause more problems with your sewer system as well. 

A leak on your drain lines, or main sewer line can create damage to your property. Leaking drain pipes can cause separations and potentially shifts in your foundation. A water leak, sewer break, or separation can be hard to detect but our licensed, professional plumbers at ABC Plumbing have a variety of ways to locate and pinpoint the problem. 

Surprisingly, sewer water is not always dirty or discolored and often gets mistaken for a water supply line leak. Be sure to call one of our licensed professionals to confirm if the leak is on your water or sewer system. 

At ABC Plumbing, we carefully assess your lines and will recommend sewer repair or installation services designed to make the system more efficient and reliable for homeowners.

Signs Your Sewer Lines Might Need Repairs

You might have an idea that your sewer lines are having trouble, but it’s not always easy to see problems with your system being underground. So if you’re not quite sure if it’s the sewer line that’s the problem or if it’s a general issue here are some common signs to look for: 

  • An unpleasant odor is coming from your drains
  • Water is backing up into your home
  • Your sinks and toilets drain slowly
  • Water damage in your home
  • Mold and mildew are arising as a result of a leak causing water damage
  • Pests and rodents have started appearing 
  • Water pools around your floor drains
  • Your walls have cracked due to foundation issues
  • Overly lush green area of grass with pools of water or sewer in your yard

If you have seen any of the signs listed above, it’s time to have your home and sewer lines inspected by an expert plumber. Contact ABC Plumbing for an inspection.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Since every drain in your home connects to a main sewer line, when there’s trouble in that line, it affects your entire home’s plumbing system. Here are the most common reasons North Texas sewer lines become damaged:

  • Soil Movements: Soil moves or shifts, it can cause the line to jostle or sink, causing joints to fail and lines to leak
  • Clogs: Pipes become clogged with grease, waste, food particles, and other debris, it creates excessive water pressure which leads to pipe ruptures
  • Corrosion: Many DFW are homes still have the old galvanized lines installed back in the 50s, which means they’re prone to corroding and failing 
  • Roots: Tree roots close to the sewer line will burst through the line in search of a fresh water source
  • Temperature Spikes: A significant spike in the temperature may cause the ground to shift, disconnecting or disrupting the sewer line
  • Old, Outdated Pipes: Old pipes are prone to deteriorate. This process is sped up with the use of chemical drain cleaners

How does ABC Plumbing confirm my sewer system needs to be repaired or replaced?

Hydrostatic Testing is a great way to see if your sewer system is in good condition. We will fill your sewer system with water, and place a test ball in the clean-out  to see if the water level drops. If the test holds pressure, that means it passed and your system is good to go! If it doesn’t hold pressure, that indicates that the test failed, and it’s time to run a camera down the line to locate and inspect for any damages. 

Camera Inspections are the top way to inspect the integrity of your sewer system. This allows us to see your entire sewer system piping. With camera inspections, we can see everything from root penetrations, shifting, separations, obstructions, and even the age and type of piping used for your sewer system. No matter the case, a camera inspection will reveal the issue at hand, and our experienced technicians will then provide you with a free estimate for any needed services to get your system back to running properly again. 

If we find that the nature of your issue is a clog caused by grease or other non-flushable items in the line, the best solution may be a method known as hydro-jetting. Which uses pressurized water to blast away any foreign object constricting the flow of water.

Repairing or Replacing A Sewer Line

Should we discover that the problem is a damaged or collapsed sewer line, a repair or complete replacement may be required. Depending on the location and severity of the problem, we have several options for repair. 

If the damaged pipe is under your home, and only a spot repair is needed, we can go through the home’s slab to make the repair. This is often a more cost effective option for the homeowner, but can leave cosmetic repairs to the flooring inside the home. 

For spot repairs, or sewer system replacement under the home, we can tunnel under the home (from the exterior) to expose the area(s) we need, and make repairs without any cosmetic damage to your home. 

If the damaged piping is in your yard or under your driveway, we can excavate the area with minimal damage to your yard or driveway, and make necessary repairs to get your system back in working order. 

No matter the problem or the location of your sewer system’s failing function, ABC Plumbing is here to help you! Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment today!

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