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The water heater is a commonly overlooked appliance in your home. This hard-working piece of equipment is usually hidden, but it needs regular care – its lifespan can be significantly extended if you are proactive.

Here’s how you can maintain your water heater for optimal performance:

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance performed by a licensed professional will take care of the chores listed below. This will prevent breakdowns, help your water heater last longer, and it’s required to keep most manufacturers’ warranties valid. 

Watch for Leaks

Leaks can stem from pipe connections and the tank itself. If you find any leak, regardless of its severity, contact a professional. The solution might be as simple as replacing a supply line, but the problem can also be serious. A rusted-out tank must be replaced if a leak from the base is puddling beneath.

Examine the Pressure Valve

There’s a valve located on the very front of the tank. It’s often surrounded by bright colors to highlight its importance. It can drip due to too much pressure built up or it’s in need of a repair from an issue that has slowly occurred over time.

Water Clarity

If you notice rust or any discoloration along with an odor, call a professional to take a closer look. These are indicators of something within the tank needing attention.

Tankless Water Heaters

Many of these maintenance tasks are associated with storage tank water heaters. But due to not actually holding water within a tank, the chance of major water damage is lessened if it were to malfunction.

Contact a Licensed Professional

Bringing in a licensed plumber at least once a year is really beneficial to your water heater’s longevity. Smart homeowners can protect their biggest investment with preventative maintenance and save a lot of money in the long run as one of the most common appliances to cause water damage to your home is a water heater. Our experts at ABC Plumbing will inspect your water heater and explain the best options for its maintenance. Contact us today at 817-427-3222 to make an appointment or talk with one of our team members.