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There is no doubt that hot weather can affect the plumbing in your home. The heat can cause metal pipes to expand, resulting in leaks or pipe breaks if the system is old. As a result of heat waves, soil can also become loose. It is common for concrete, water pipes, or sewer pipes to crack when this soil settles.

As temperatures increase, it’s important for home owners to keep an eye on potential plumbing issues. 

Here’s how to detect some of the most common problems:

  • Leaking pipes: Hot weather isn’t friendly to pipes. Visible leaks from rusty pipes are easy to see. If your water usage spikes, it can be a sign you have a break somewhere in your plumbing.
  • Slow or clogged drains: Slow or clogged drains are the result of having lots of parties and barbecues with friends and family throughout the summer or just having more people at home in general. They can also be caused by obstructions from plant matter or tree roots. To avoid any blockages, ensure none of the following is washed down the sink:
    • Coffee granules
    • Oil and grease
    • Food scraps
    • Paper towels
    • Wipes
  • Backed-up sewer pipes: Increased usage over summer can lead to complete blockages.
  • Low water pressure: This usually means you have a leak somewhere in the supply line and it can also mean it’s time to upgrade an old pipe system.

You may be affected by hot weather directly or indirectly if your water bills are abnormally high or your water pressure is low or drains seem clogged. Immediately contact ABC Plumbing for a comprehensive plumbing inspection to fix the problem as soon as possible.

You should always place prevention at the top of your priority list! ABC Plumbing is here to help you prevent drainage and plumbing problems during the summer and hot weather.