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A slab leak is a severe plumbing issue that can cause significant damage to your home. It occurs when a leak develops in the pipes that run under the concrete slab foundation of your home.

Identifying a slab leak early can save you much money in repairs and prevent further damage to your property. Fortunately, you can call on ABC Plumbing for expert slab leak repair in the Tarrant County area. We have listed below a few ways you can tell if you have a slab leak and what to do about it.

Unexplained Increase in Water Bill

If you notice a sudden, unexplained spike in your water usage, it could indicate water leaking from your plumbing system. You can compare your current water bill with your previous statements to determine if there has been a significant increase.

Hot Spots on Your Floor

Another way to detect a slab leak is by checking for warm areas on your floor. If there is a leak in your hot water line, the water will heat the surrounding concrete slab and cause hot spots.

Wet Spots on Your Floor

If you notice wet spots on your floor or under your carpet, it could be a sign of a water leak under your home’s slab foundation.  This moisture can also lead to mold growth, which can be hazardous to your health. Don’t delay calling ABC Plumbing  to prevent the issue from escalating!

Low Water Pressure

A slab leak can also cause a significant drop in water pressure throughout your home. If you notice a decrease in water pressure anywhere in your home, it could indicate a leak in your plumbing system.

Sound of Running Water

Another sign of a slab leak is if you hear running water when not in use. This sound is caused by water leaking from the pipes and running under the concrete slab. By calling for prompt slab leak services, you can determine if there is a leak and have it repaired.

A slab leak can be a costly plumbing issue that requires immediate attention. If you suspect that you have one, do not ignore the issue, as it can lead to significant damage to your home’s foundation. Reach out to ABC Plumbing today to schedule a service appointment so we can address the problem and prevent further damage to your property!