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A clogged drain is no one’s idea of a good time, and it can be so frustrating that you want to do whatever you can to clear it as soon as possible. You may have faced a clogged drain and ran to grab a bottle of commercial chemical drain cleaner, and that may have worked temporarily…

Similarly, you may have faced several drain clogs in a row, and after clearing one, another is not far behind. Here the ABC Plumbing team has put together three main reasons why DIY isn’t always best, plus how to ensure your drain remains clear for the long haul.

1. The Clog is Too Strong

Home remedies, like a drain snake or concoctions like baking soda and vinegar, just won’t cut it for serious clogs and blockages. They may work in some situations, but they are not strong enough to bust a tough one. Even chemical drain cleaners might not be enough to clear the drain pipe plus they are very harsh and can actually damage your pipes.

Sometimes, hydro jetting or a similar method is required to clear tough clogs, and that would be a job for a trained professional. Our plumbers are specially trained in hydro jetting and have the right tools to clear these types of blockages.

2. There’s a Deeper Issue

A recurring clog in the same drain indicates an issue deeper down the sewer pipe. You could have a root intrusion into your sewer line or another clog deeper in the line that doesn’t get fully treated when you try DIY methods.

3. Your Pipes Are Damaged

Repeated clogs could also stem from broken or separated pipes. Whether a belly, leak, break, or any other type of damage, your pipes need to be solid and free of obstructions for your drains to work properly. Look for signs of sewer pipe damage like back-ups in multiple drains, an extra-lush green spot in the lawn, moisture around your floors, and frequent clogs.

What You Can Do

The best thing you can do for a clogged pipe (and your home in general) is to have a licensed professional take a look. Clogs aren’t always as simple as they seem, and having a professional plumber take care of the issue could end up saving you money and a headache from bigger potential damage.