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Why Drain Snaking is not a DIY Project

The idea of performing DIY projects tends to be appealing to homeowners. After all, everyone wants to save money on repairs whenever possible. However, some projects that appear to be simple can actually turn out to be risky. One of them being drain snaking, which can cause extensive damage when not done properly. 

As the go-to team for drain cleaning in the Tarrant County area, ABC Plumbing has seen first-hand the damages caused by DIY drain snaking. We’ll take a closer look at the top reasons below.

The Clog Could Worsen

If you choose to snake the drain yourself, you may end up pushing clogs further down the drain, making it even more difficult to resolve. On the other hand, when you request professional drain cleaning services, a camera can be used to determine if the drain line has been cleared, and in some cases, can determine the cause of the blockage.

Pipe Interiors Could Be Damaged

It’s easy to make the mistake of being too aggressive when cleaning a clogged drain. If you place too much pressure on a pipe’s curve with the end of the snake, you might damage it, which would require repairs. If you haven’t attempted drain snaking to unclog a drain before, you may not understand the difference between reaching a clog and hitting the curve of a pipe. 

ABC Plumbing is a top rated drain cleaning company that provides unparalleled  services for drain clogs and other problems on your sewer system. We utilize effective methods such as drain cleaning and hydro jetting to clear even the most stubborn of clogs. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our plumbing services!